About The Project: Sharing Our Spiritual Path With Our Children

Back in June of 2015, I published my paper entitled the Pagan Parenting Project: Sharing Our Spiritual Path With Our Children on my old blog, Magickal Kids.  It was a big title for a small paper that I wrote as part of the requirements I needed to fulfill as a second-degree priestess in my coven. It quickly gained popularity and was even featured in The Wild Hunt. The first three parts of this 4-part piece were published in Patheos Pagan.  The 4th part wasn’t published because the blog owner ended up leaving before she finished.

Many parents answered this questionnaire:

  • With what tradition do you identify?
  • Many Pagan families want to share their practice with their children but, don’t know how or even if they should.  What advice would you give them?
  • Some parents need to keep their path hidden for a variety of reasons such as living in areas where they don’t  feel safe to come out of the broom closet or maybe are afraid to lose custody of their children, do you have any tips for them?
  • Did you share your path with your child?  Why or why not?
  • Did you start out wanting to share or were you afraid to impose your path onto your kids? What have you done that’s worked well?   What hasn’t worked?
  • Were you raised in a Pagan tradition or something else?

So, here it is now, complete with all 4 parts in one, plus the full replies to my questionnaire.  Enjoy!

The Paper: Sharing Our Spiritual Path With Our Children

Replies Part 1

Replies Part 2

Replies Part 3