Moon School

Welcome to the Moon School Page.  Here you will find the all the links to the pages and any updates.


The next physical class will be on June 11th, 2017. The lesson will be published online soon after that. For more information on South Bay Pagan Kids, please visit our Meetup Page and our Facebook page.

We’re planning on changing the format a little with the next class.  After much thought and discussion, we’ve decided to add in the sabbats and the wheel of the year. I will be updating the list of classes shortly

Worksheets based on the lessons are still expected to be coming soon. They will help the kids better remember the concepts.  Like the lessons, the worksheets will be tried out with the kids’ group first so that any necessary adjusting can be done before publishing.  They will be available for purchase as a download.

Here are the list of the Moon School posts:

About Moon School

  1. What is Magick?
  2. Why are there so many bad stories about Witches?
  3. Gods, Goddesses, and UPG
  4. The Pentacle: history and meaning
  5. The Elements: colors, directions, meanings, and uses
  6. Meditations and psychic strengthening
  7. Moon phases and basic astrology
  8. Dream journaling
  9. Basic spells: protection, cleansing, and healing
  10. Basic herbs and Plant Identification
  11. Crystals, gems, and stones
  12. Pagan stories
  13. Basic Divination


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