Moon School

Now that my children are getting older, as are the children of the circle I run called South Bay Pagan Kids I decided that it was time to start teaching them more about our Pagan path – what that meant and the how and why of the Craft.  I had been talking about it for a while but, it took a good friend and fellow mom to make it happen.  Enter Isadora Marshal, lifelong Pagan and one I love to call a Mountain Mom.  She’s not only the epitome of being one with nature (she loves to go backpack camping and will go for days at the drop of a hat) but, she’s quite knowledgeable about her Craft and never ceases to impress me. Her organizational skills, patience, and persistence turned my ideas into a reality.  If it hadn’t been for her, tying me down and making me focus, I’d still be floating in the clouds, dreaming.


We decided to start our own Moon School and write our curriculum.   Moon School is where kids (ages 7-15 approximately) can learn the fundamentals of being Pagan and about Witchcraft. Where they can hang out with kids, like themselves in a fun environment. While it is run in a more eclectic Wiccan way, most of the information discussed is generic enough for other Pagan traditions which follow the four-elemental construct.


Along with learning about more about the Sabbats and the Wheel of the Year, topics are:

  1. What is Magick?
  2. Why are there so many bad stories about Witches?
  3. Gods, Goddesses, and UPG
  4. The Pentacle: history and meaning
  5. The Elements: colors, directions, meanings, and uses
  6. Meditations and psychic strengthening
  7. Moon phases and basic astrology
  8. Dream journaling
  9. Basic spells: protection, cleansing, and healing
  10. Basic herbs and Plant Identification
  11. Crystals, gems, and stones
  12. Pagan stories
  13. Basic Divination

We decided to hold classes once a month (hence Moon School), usually on the first Sunday after each full moon from 10 AM to 12 PM. Activity, and coloring sheets are given out during the lecture and discussion portion to give kids an outlet and help them focus. We also do crafts, learn chants, and drum.


Typical Schedule:

10:00-10:15 gather

10:15-11:00 lecture and discussion

11:00-11:15 snack and play break

11:15-11:45 craft

11:45-12:00 music


Since some of the families aren’t always able to make it in person, and since this topic is of interest to many, it only seems right to share these classes through this blog.  Each month I will publish the lesson, or the ritual for that month after the class has finished.


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